Your site visitors now have the option to skip video ads... ... and you get paid if they do. 16-37% abandonment rate on pre-roll video ads Publishers cite the interruptive nature of video ads as the 2nd highest barrier to scaling online video advertising. SkipIt changes the online video advertising game. And everyone wins. Consumers Publishers Advertisers Bottom Line:

Why you should be a SkipIt publisher

SkipIt's Director of Product Management Kevin Hunt speaks with SpotXchange's Jeremy Straight, VP of Business Development, about SkipIt and what skipping digital video ads means for consumers, publishers, and advertisers.

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With abandonment rates for online video advertising averaging between 16-37%, consumers are sending a strong message that they don't like being forced to watch online video ads. The industry needs a solution that places control in the hands of the consumer and gives publishers a way to provide a better user experience to their site visitors while maximizing revenues and helping advertisers eliminate wasteful spending.

That's where SkipIt comes in. And changes the game.